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Parenting through Emotional Connection starts with changing your mindset

Sterna Suissa’s Parenting Courses will guide you every step of the way.

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I'm Sterna

Welcome to this online space where much growth and connection takes place. I am a mom of 4 and live in Montreal, Canada. My children have been a catalyst for healing my own childhood wounds. I Always thought that I had so much to teach my kids and I have realized that my children are my greatest teachers.

As parents we are constantly faced with challenging situations. My mission is to empower parents to better understand parenting and to handle these challenging situations. We have the opportunity as empowered parents to achieve personal growth alongside with our children’s growth.

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Become a “Connected Parent” to Your Child

Building a powerful connection with your child starts with opening yourself up to guidance and support.

My Parenting Courses will help you understand what your child is trying to communicate. My courses will give you the tools to emotionally connect with your child.

In addition, the community will give you the opportunity to feel connected to other parents and feel less alone. Join my Parenting Courses and become the confident, emotionally intelligent, best version of yourself.


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Topics Covered in Sterna Suissa’s Parenting Courses Class and Community Include:

  • Core concepts behind the hands-on approach, so everything comes from a place of understanding
  • An understanding of our child, our own self & our relationship
  • Course notes & optional exercise sheets
  • Monthly Zoom Discussions
  • Q&A/Discussions


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“Navigating Sharing
with Compassion”

It’s our role as parents to help our children deepen their care and awareness of others.

Often the way we approach sharing backfires.

How can we encourage genuine sharing in a compassionate way?


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