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Brain Development

We all know that children have a growing brain, however how does that impact their day to day activity? Lets dive into the brain development so we can better understand our children. Become a member to view this course.


Basic Human Needs

As parents we are caught up in our day to day lives providing our children’s needs. What comes to our mind when thinking of needs is the basics such as food, shelter & clothing while these are extremely important, let’s discuss some other crucial needs. Become a member to view this course.


Behaviours & Communication

Our children’s behaviours are communication. Trying to shut down a behaviour isn’t beneficial because we aren’t addressing it’s root cause of what it’s trying to communicate & this can create even more alarming behaviours. Become a member to view this course.


Handling Emotions & Tantrums

Emotions are something we face daily. Gaining a better understanding on emotions & how to go about them can benefit us & our child. Understand why they are so triggering for so many of us & how to regulate ourselves on these tricky moments. Learn what children need during tantrums and how to navigate our Handling Emotions & Tantrums


Triggers & Projections

As parents, we see and feel things through the lenses of our life experiences. Our childhood directly affects the way we approach our children & the decisions that we take. Gaining self awareness & facing our own childhood wounds can break generational cycles. This course will expand your consciousness & help you heal your childhood Triggers & Projections


Emotional Connection

Emotional Connection is the only thing that holds us & our child together. The lack of emotional connection leaves children with a void & oftentimes alarming behaviours are a call out for connection to fill up that void. Learning what connection truly is & providing this to our child will help them thrive. Become a Emotional Connection



We’ve all experienced wanting our child to cooperate with something & then our child simply not wanting to do what we are telling them needs to be done. These moments can be so challenging to navigate. It’s so understandable that we might feel that our only option is to yell & punish our child. This Boundaries


Consent & Body Boundaries

This course is all about empowering our children with a strong sense of self & confidence by teaching & showing them that they are the boss of their own body. At times, this can get a little tricky when we have the responsibility to take care of our child’s physical well being & our child Consent & Body Boundaries


Sibling Rivalries

Conflicts can become moments where each child gets to learn about their needs, wants & each other when handled in a productive way. As parents, we have a huge impact on the relationship siblings have with each other. In this course you will be empowered to handle whatever conflict comes your way & provide your Sibling Rivalries