Behaviours as the Sole Focus

What happens when we only look at behaviours without getting to their root cause?

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Sterna, as always, your lessons are gold! It’s incredible how you can take heavy and sensitive topics such as these and show the depth beneath each thing children do and feel. I unfortunately witnessed this recently when a grandparent (the child of a Holocaust survivor) of a child blamed the four year old child for her behaviour which was crying and making demands, and told the kid’s parent to shut the kid up. It’s so helpful and important to have the scenario broken down as how you did it so that we can learn from others’ mistakes for the future.

Sterna Suissa (Administrator) March 9, 2022 at 4:37 PM

Thank you Esther for taking the time to share your kind words with me. When we see things through a child’s perspective, we can have a hard time unseeing it. Unfortunately, so many adults only see things through their own lenses & can easily forget about the child’s experience. During times of war, the only way to survive was to suppress emotions & this especially is passed down through generations that come after wars, such as the Holocaust. Often times, also individuals who experienced really traumatic childhoods only can begin to feel their emotions once they’ve survived their childhood and come out of survival mode.

That’s exactly the case in this story!

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