Inner Child

We were all once a child. Raising our own child can awaken the child within us. Healing our own childhood wounds can help us parent our child without projecting our experiences on them.

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I’ve seen a similar situation to that baby with the gate as with my nephews that were scared to leave their bedroom to get water during the night bec the dad would tell them the night time is time for sleeping and they could only come out the next morning. My poor nephew who was nearly three years old was terrified to leave the room even when only his aunt was babysitting! I’m honestly tearing up at this video because it’s incredible how these triggers can really be passed down throughout the generations and create so much hurt if there is no conscious cycle breaking. Thank you Sterna for breaking down such an important and heavy matter into sort of manageable portions.

Sterna Suissa (Administrator) May 17, 2022 at 6:22 PM

Wow Esther, thank you for sharing that with us & I can totally see how that situation can cause fear in a 3yrs old child. It definitely takes constant awareness to break those cycles! Thank you for your kind words.

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